J is for James

After a hiatus I’m back with a rundown of my alphabetical fiction favourite authors. I’m going for P.D. James for J – largely because of her science fiction classic Children of Men, set in a near future world where fertility rates have plummeted and the remaining children are prized. Society begins to break down as […]


I’ve got a new story up at Every Day Fiction: Disorientation. It’s a body swapping mind menting slice of confusion and chaos. I’ve also sold stories recently to The Fifth Di… and Penumbric, though the first is behind a paywall and the second’s not out yet. I’ll post a link when it is.

Futures – a collection

Futures A collection As the world heats we slowly retreat under domes and behind impenetrable walls, waiting for the end of days. But not everyone is ready to die. There are choices – abandon the world or rebuild it? But at what cost? That’s Valentine’s dilemma. What if you’re outside the domes, the planet frying […]

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