new stories

I’m pleased to say a couple of my short stories have just been published and both are available for free online. One’s a nice long piece of space opera (Rox) just out through Lost Colony and one’s a dimension bending flash piece (Shimmer) out now on the Theme of Absence site. Hope you like them […]

Dreams for Free

My fantasy collection, Dreams and Visions is available for free at Amazon US at the moment (also available in paperback). It’s packed with stories like Jennings’ dreams and Keepsakes, where you can buy someone else’s dreams or sell your own – but beware, you may find you’ve sold more than you bargained for, and no […]

J is for James

After a hiatus I’m back with a rundown of my alphabetical fiction favourite authors. I’m going for P.D. James for J – largely because of her science fiction classic Children of Men, set in a near future world where fertility rates have plummeted and the remaining children are prized. Society begins to break down as […]

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