Futures – a collection

Futures A collection As the world heats we slowly retreat under domes and behind impenetrable walls, waiting for the end of days. But not everyone is ready to die. There are choices – abandon the world or rebuild it? But at what cost? That’s Valentine’s dilemma. What if you’re outside the domes, the planet frying […]

H is for Heinlein

So, continuing my occasional trawl through my bookselves to find my A-Z favourites, H comes pummeling me over the head with countless options. Ask me tomorrow and I might go for Peter F Hamilton, because he’s so damn readable. But he’d be nowhere without Robert A Heinlein and this is certainly a case of giving […]

G is for Gaiman

In my A-Z run through of my favourite writers on my bookshelves (real and virtual) G throws up a conundrum or two. The contenders: Neil Gaiman, William Gibson and Ursula LeGuin. Surely the mother of Earthsea and the father of cyberpunk deserve the shout? Well, yes, probably, but they’re sharing an initial with Neil Gaiman. […]

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