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As the world heats we slowly retreat under domes and behind impenetrable walls, waiting for the end of days. But not everyone is ready to die. There are choices – abandon the world or rebuild it? But at what cost? That’s Valentine’s dilemma.

What if you’re outside the domes, the planet frying around you. starving, desperate to get in? If, by some miracle, you succeed, will you remember your friends? Or will you leave your humanity behind, back in the scorched earth? The Beggar and the Golden Dome is a story of shifting perspectives against a background of desperation and salvation.

Your creation is perfect in every way, and you love her. But does she love you back? And does she have a choice? And when you realise what you’ve done, how can you make things right? For Hannah is a story of obsession, oppression and redemption, hubris and enlightenment.

You make first contact, where you least expect it. But there are people amongst you that cannot bring themeselves to beleve that we are not alone – for if there are others, how can we be the chosen ones? Certainty tests our boundaries and considers the lengths people are willing to take to deny what is right in front of their eyes,.

You wake up in a hospital bed, alone in a sterile room. You can’t remember how you got there. You only see your doctor and there’s definitely someting wrong about her. It gradually dawns on you that you’re not in Kansas anymore. Why are you there? How can you get home? And what’s with the fish? Spirit is a different take on alien abduction.

Your team finds something msyterious in the jungle and people are willing to kill for its secrets. A gun to your head and a shimmering portal to your back – cue a high speed chase through a new world filled with flying monsters and gravity defying cliffs – Sideways.

Then there’s an announcment of the end of the world that begins to believe its own publicity in Mad Panic, Flying Paper and Philosopher Cats, a tale of humanity’s retreat into VR tanks in Immersion, surviving the apocalypse in Twins, pulp-fiction space detectives in Hunter, a VR fight for survival in Click, King Lear in Pluto orbit in The Travelling Shakespeare Company and bonding over deep space chess in For Love.

Twelve stories of the near future, some published before, many now out of print and some seen for the first time. Futures. For the future we may want, the future we might get, and the future we actually deserve.

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