I’m a science fiction author based in the UK, though I’ve probably sold more non science fiction stories than ones with aliens, space ships and implausible time travel. I am, inevitably, still polishing my novel. I also:

  • am editor in chief at Wyldblood Press
  • review new novels for the SF Concatenation site.
  • have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Brunel University (London), graduating in 2013.
  • graduated from the six week intensive ¬†Odyssey programme in Manchester, New Hampshire (2012) and went back for more a couple of years later to the Never Ending Odyssey (TNEO)
  • attended a couple of Milford Writing Workshops in the wilds of Wales.
  • attended Kij Johnson‘s novel novel writing workshop at the University of Kansas (2011).

You can contact me at mark@wyldblood.com or follow me on twitter or facebook

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