J is for James

After a hiatus I’m back with a rundown of my alphabetical fiction favourite authors. I’m going for P.D. James for J – largely because of her science fiction classic Children of Men, set in a near future world where fertility rates have plummeted and the remaining children are prized. Society begins to break down as despondancy sets in, Soon there are no new births. Until…

This is a dystopian nightmare skilfully presented by a master crime writer switching genres (though I suspect she’s one of those authors who professes not to write science fiction, even though the evidence would suggest otherwise). There’s a geat movie version too, starring the much underused Clive Owen.

Honourable mentions to Kij Johnson, multi Hugo/Nebula winning short story specialist (her novella the Man who Bridged the Mist is a personal favourite) and to N.K Jemisin, whose imaginitive work is getting increasingly recognised (the Fifth Season is a good place to start). But this time around PD James is my chosen author with Children of Men her standout novel.

The Children of Men: James, P. D.: 9780307275431: Amazon.com: Books